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Open Events

Open Events 2017


Tuesday Winter Series – open to PGA/LPGA/GUI/ILGU players with handicap of 9 and under

3rd October 2017 to 20th March 2017 - entry fee €50 and €30 PGA/Juniors/Members 



Festival of Golf Poster

Festival of Links Golf

Wednesday 19th - €50

Thursday 20th- €50

Friday 21st- €50

Saturday 22nd- €50


Monday 16th- €45

Monday 30th- €55


Friday 3rd- €45

Monday 20th- €45

Saturday 25th- €60


Saturday 2nd- €60

Monday 11th- €45




Festival of Golf

Wednesday 19th July- Sponsored by audi-centre

First: Kieran McWilliams (5) 36pts

Second: Thomas McGowan (15) 36pts

Gross: Fintan McAreavey (0) 34pts

Third: Mark Howell 32pts

Fourth: Gerry Malone (6) 32pts

Par71 SSS73 (34pts) CSS76 (31pts)


Thursday 20th July- sponsored by golfcorp

First: Paul Flynn 35pts

Second: Gerard Dunne 35pts

Third: Terry O'Mahony 34pts

Par71 SSS73 CSS73



Open singles

Tuesday 23rd may

First: John McCarthy (25) The Links Portmarnock 39pts

Second: Peter McLoughlin (8) The Links Portmarnock 37pts


Par71 SSS71 CSS72 (35pts)


Monday 1st May

First: James Close (14) Malahide 40pts

Second: Fintan Brennan (5) The Links Portmarnock 39pts

Third: Stephen Rafter (13) The Links Portmarnock 38pts


Members: Par71  SSS73  CSS73 (34pts)

Visitors: Par71 SSS73  CSS75 (32pts)


Monday 24th April

First: John Ruane (16) The Links Portmarnock  41pts

Second: Nigel O'Shaughnessy (16) Stackstown  38pts


Par71  SSS71  CSS72 (35pts)

Monday 17th April

First: Alan Dowling (+1) Bellewstown  37pts

Second: Shane Ryan (6) The Links Portmarnock  36pts

Third: Paul McRory (9) The Links Portmarnock  36pts


Home Members: Par71  SSS73  CSS73 (34pts)

Away Visitors: Par71 SSS73  CSS76 (31pts)


Winter Series

Tuesday 14th March

Best Nett: Alex Maguire (3) Laytown & Bettystown 70

Second Nett: Joseph Byrne (1) Baltinglass 70

Third Nett: Niall Carbery (5) Malahide 71


Best Gross: Kevin LeBlanc (The Island) 69

Second Gross: Stephen Quinlan (Halpenny) 70

Third Gross: David Foy (Laytown & Bettystown) 71


Men: Par71 SSS75 CSS75

Ladies: Par71 SSS73 CSS73


Tuesday 7th March

Best Nett: Damien McGrane (SCR) Unattached 71

Second Nett: James Temple (4) Portmarnock 71

Third Nett: David McAleenon (2) Lisburn 73


First Gross: Robbie Cannon (Balbriggan) 71

Second Gross: Charlie Denvirs (Elm Park) 72

Third Gross: Cian Geraghty (Laytown & Bettystown) 73

Men: Par71  SSS75  CSS75

Ladies: Par71  SSS73  CSS73


Tuesday 21st  February

Best Nett:          Damien McGrane (scr) Unattached           68

Second Nett:     William Byrne (3) Baltinglass                   68

Third Nett:        Joseph Byrne (2) Baltinglass                    72



 Best Gross:       Joe Dillon (Headfort)                                69

 Second Gross:  Colin Starrett (Portmarnock)                    73

Third Gross:      Andrew Hickey (Ballyhaunis)                   73

Men: Par71  SSS75  CSS75

Ladies: Par71  SSS73  CSS73



Tuesday 14th February


Best Nett:          Damien McGrane (Scr) Unattached        68

Second Nett:     Philip Kelly (1) County Armagh                73

Third Nett:         Joe Dillon (Scr) Headfort                           74


Best Gross:      Stephen Quinlan (Halpenny Golf)             72

Second Gross:    Michael McDermott (Pure Golf)               73

Third Gross:     Robert Moran (Castle)                               75

Men:      Par71  SSS75  CSS77

Ladies:   Par71  SSS73  CSS75



Tuesday 7th February

Best Nett:        Shannon Burke (1) Ballinrobe                     69

Second Nett:   Alex Decorde (1) Newlands                         72

Third Nett:      Michael McDermott (Scr) Pure Golf           72


Best Gross:      Ronan Mullarney (Galway)                          71

Second Gross: Rob Brazill (Naas)                                          71

Third Gross:    Damien McGrane (Unattached)                  72

Men: Par71  SSS75  CSS76

Ladies: Par71  SSS73  CSS74



Tuesday 31st january

Best Nett:        Jamie Taylor (4) Sutton                                66

Second Nett:   Damien McGrane (scr) Unattached               67

Third Nett:       Shannon Burke (2) Ballinrobe                     69


Best Gross:      Jack Hume (Naas)                                       67

Second Gross: Caolan Rafferty (Dundalk)                           68

Third Gross:     Cian Geraghty (Laytown & Bettystown)      69

Men: Par71  SSS75  CSS75

Ladies: Par1 SSS73  CSS73



Tuesday 24th January

Best Nett:            Joseph Byrne (3) Baltinglass                    68

Second Nett:       William Byrne (4) Baltinglass                    70

Third Nett:           Conor McGlynn (4) Woodbrook                71


Best Gross:         Alec Myles (Newlands)                             68

Second Gross:    Stephen Coulter (Warrenpoint)                 70

Third Gross:        Rob Brazil (Naas)                                     71


Par71  SSS75  CSS75


Tuesday 17th January

Best Nett:            Francis Chaney (5) St.Annes                     68

Second Nett:       Damien McGrane (scr) Unattached             69 Back9:32

Third Nett:           Niall Sullivan (2) Malahide                        69 Back9:34  


Best Gross:         Jonathan Yates (Naas)                               66

Second Gross:    Caolan O'Rafferty (Dundalk)                      69 Back9:32

Third Gross:        Stephen Quinlan (Halpenny)                     69 Back9:34


Men:     Par71  SSS75  CSS74

Ladies: Par71  SSS73  CSS72      


Tuesday 10th January

Best Nett:           Michael McDermott (scr) Pure Golf             70  b9:34

Second Nett:      Damien McGrane (scr) Unattached             70  b9:35

Third Nett:          Charlie Denvir (1) Powersourt                     73


Best Gross:        Conor O'Rourke (Naas)                                70  b9:34

Second Gross:   Andrew Hogan (Edmondstown)                  71

Third Gross:       Gavin Fitzmaurice (Balcarrick)                    74  b9.36


Men: Par71  SSS75  CSS76

Ladies: Par71  SSS73  CSS74


Tuesday 3rd January

Best Nett:          Michael McDermott (scr) Pure Golf               65

Second Nett:     Niall McGlynn (scr) GUI Academy                 71

Third Nett:         Ross Young (scr) Spawell                            72


Best Gross:       Conor O'Rourke (Naas)                                 67

Second Gross:  Thomas Mulligan (Laytown & Bettystown)    71

Third Gross:      Karl McCormack (Portarlington)                   73

Par 71  SSS 75  CSS 75


Tuesday 20th December

Best Nett:        Damien McGrane  (scr)  Unattached               68

Second Nett:   Michael Dallat       (scr)      Golgorm Castle    72

Third Nett:       Steven Quinlan     (scr)  Halpenny                 73


Best Gross:     Conor O'Rourke   (Nass)                               71

Second Gross: Joe Dillon            (Headfort)                         72

Third Gross:    Stephen Grant      (Birr)                                74


Men:      Par71  SSS 75  CSS 76

Ladies:   Par71  SSS 73  CSS 74


Tuesday 13th December

Best Nett:       Andrew Dillon (1)         Carrickfergus    74   (b9:35)

Second Nett:  Mark Staunton (scr)     Dalganny           74   (b9:37)

Third Nett:      James Quinlivan (scr)  Mullingar           75   (b9:36)


Best Gross:     Stephen Quinlan      (Halpenny)            74  (b9:36)

Second Gross: Michael McDermott (Pure Golf)            74  (b9:38)

Third Gross:     Damien McGrane     (Unattached)        75  (b9:37)


Men:    Par71  SSS75  CSS78

Ladies: Par71  SSS73  CSS76

Tuesday 6th December

Best Nett:           John Kelly  (scr)  St.Margarets             75

Second Nett:       Michael McDermott (scr)  Pure Golf     76

Third Nett:          Stuart Hanson  (5)  Palmerstown          77


Best Gross:        Stephen Quinlan  (Halpenny Golf)        76

Second Gross:   John Murphy (Kinsale)                          76

Third Gross:       Conor O'Rourke  (Naas)                        78


Men:       Par71  SSS75  CSS78 'RO' (Reductions Only)

Ladies:   Par71  SSS73  CSS76 'RO' (Reductions Only)


Tuesday 29th November

Best Nett:          Niall Sullivan  (3)  Malahide                     70

Second Nett:     Brian Doheny  (scr)  Mount Juliet          70

Third Nett:         Charlie Denvir  (2)  Powerscourt            72


Best Gross:       Robert Brazill  (Nass)                              69

Second Gross:  Michael McDermott  (Pure Golf)             70

Third Gross:      Caolan Rafferty  (Dundalk)                     72


Par 71  SSS 75  CSS 75


Tuesday 22nd November

Best Nett:          William Byrne (5)  Baltinglass                 70

Second Nett:     Nathan Talbot (4)  Carton House            73


Best Gross:       Dan Murphy  (Portarlington)                   71

Second Gross:  Mark Power  (Kilkenny)                           75


Men: Par 71  SSS 75  CSS 76


Tuesday 15th November

Best Nett:          Rob Brazil (+1)  Naas                                  67

Second Nett:     Johnny Ward (4)  Banbridge                      68

Third Nett:         Niall Sullivan (4)  Malahide                         70


Best Gross:       Damien McGrane (unattached)                  70

Second Gross:  Conor O'Rourke (Naas)                              70

Third Gross:      Paul Dunne (Greystones)                           71


Men: Par 71   SSS 75   CSS 75

Ladies: Par 71  SSS 73  CSS 73


Tuesday 8th November

Best Nett:           Shane McCabe (Scr) Killeen                      72

Second Nett:      Kevin Canavan (3) Luttrellstown                72

Third Nett:          Michael McDermott (Scr) Pure Golf           73


Best Gross:       Damien McGrane  (unattached)                   72

Second Gross:  Robert Moran        (Castle)                          73

Third Gross:      Shane McGlynn     (Portmarnock)               73


Men:     Par 71  SSS 75   CSS 76

Ladies: Par 71  SSS 73   CSS 74


Tuesday 1st November

Best Nett:           Gary Hurley (scr) West Waterford              69

Second Nett:      David O'Reilly (5) Carton House                72

Third Nett:         Gerard MacNamara (4) Portmarnock          74


Best Gross:       Cameron Raymond (Newlands)                   73

Second Gross:  Caolan Rafferty (Dundalk)                           75

Third Gross:      Paul Dunne (Greystones)                           75

Par 71    SSS 75    CSS 77


Tuesday 25th October

Best Nett:           Alex Maguire (4) Laytown & Bettystown   69

Second Nett:      Nathan Talbot (4) Carton House               72

Third Nett:         Andrew Hogan (scr) Edmondstown          72


Best Gross:       Michael McDermott (Pure Golf)                 71

Second Gross:  Jake Whelan (Newlands)                           72

Third Gross:      Declan O'Neill (Carton House)                  72

Par 71    SSS 75    CSS 76



Tuesday 18th October

Best Nett:         Damien McGrane (scr)       Unattached        69

Second Nett:    Graham Callaghan (scr)    Seapoint             71

Best Gross:      Andrew Hogan                   Edmondstown   71

Second Gross: Philip Duff                           Black Bush        72

Par 71   SSS 75     CSS 78



Saturday 24th March

First: Eoin Sweeney (7) Malahide  38pts

Second: Robert Plunkett (10) Sutton  38pts (Back 9:16pts)  

Third: Robert Abernethy (1) Dun Laoghaire  37pts

Par71  SSS73  CSS74 (33pts)


Monday 20th March

First: Martin Nicoll (9) St.Maragrets  38pts

Second: Kieran McWilliams (5) The Links Portmarnock  37pts

Third: Pervez Iqbal (12) The Links Portmarnock  36pts

Par71  SSS71  CSS72 (35pts)


Friday 17th March

First: Sean Laverty (4) Dundalk     37pts

Second: Josh Mackin (2) Dundalk      35pts

Third: John Lally (12) Sutton     35pts

Par71  SSS73  CSS75 (34pts)


Saturday 4th March

First:            Eoin O'Carroll (6) St. Annes                                  37pts

      Second:  Cathal McParland (13) The Links Portmarnock            36pts           

Par71  SSS73  CSS73


Sunday 22nd January

First:             Damien Hand (12) Mullingar                     38pts

Second:        Colin McCarthy (2) St. Annes                    36pts

Third:            Christy Ward (9)                                        33pts

Par71  SSS73  CSS73 


Friday 20th January

First:            Pat Quinlan (8) Hollystown                       43pts

Second:       Eamon Keane (3) The Links Portmarnock  42pts

Third:          David Nolan (7) The Links Portmarnock     41pts

Men:      Par71  SSS71  CSS71

Ladies:   Par71  SSS73  CSS73


Monday 16th January

First:             Shane Ryan  (7)  The Links Portmarnock  37pts

Second:        Perves Iqbal  (14) The Links Portmarnock 37pts


Saturday 14th January

First:             Niall Sullivan (3)  Malahide                      35pts

Second:        Ciaran Griffin (3)  Palmerstown Stud        32pts

Par 71  SSS73  CSS76 (31pts)


Saturday 31st December

First:              Gary Masterson (6) Druids Heath                 36pts

Second:         Ciaran Griffin (3) Palmerston Stud               35pts

Par 71   SSS  73  CSS 73      


Monday 5th December

First:      Daragh McCormack  (11)  St.Annes                          41pts

Second: Shane Ryan  (7)                 The Links Portmarnock  36pts


Par 71  SSS 71  CSS 72 (35pts)


Thursday 25th November

First:      Joe Morris  (5)                Hollywood Lakes           36pts

Second: Kieran McWilliams  (6)  The Links Portmarnock  35pts

Third:     Shane Ryan  (7)             The Links Portmarnock  34pts 


Par 71  SSS 71  CSS 72 (35pts)


Sunday 20th November

First:      Damian O'Driscoll (3)     Newlands           38pts

Second: Dara Geraghty (14)         Killeen Castle    36pts


Par 71  SSS 73  CSS  73 (34pts)


Thursday 10th November

First:      Pat Quinlan (9)            Hollystown  39pts

Second: Richard Beshoff (12)  The Links Portmarnock 37pts

Third:     Declan O'Neill (+1)      Carton House 37pts


Men:     Par 71   SSS 71  CSS 72 (35pts)

Ladies: Par 71  SSS 73  CSS 74 (33pts)

Congratulations to Neol McKenna for having a hole in one on the 11th hole.


Monday 31st October

First:      Brian Fehily         (5) Newlands  38pts

Second: Richard Beshoff (12) The Links Portmarnock 36pts

Third:     AJ McCabe          (2) Malahide 36pts

Par 71, SSS 73, CSS Home 73 (34pts) Away 75 (32pts)


Friday 21st October

First:           John Mulligan Jnr (4) Naas        35pts

Second:       Michael Murray (4) Wicklow       35pts

Third:          Alex Crowley (1) The Island        34pts

Par 71;  CSS 73;  SSS 73.