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Exclusive To Portmarnock





Bespoke hands-on treatments for the face and body begin with a thorough consultation during which a carita skin specialist will assess your skincare & lifestyle needs. Every Carita treatment includes a sublime exfoliation and deep cleanse, following by indulgent massage techniques using the most technologically advanced products and devices. Clients can look forward to a moment of intense relaxation and instant skin transformation to reveal incredibly youthful radiant skin.



Often cited as “the perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery”, the incredible Carita Cinetic™ Lift Expert machine delivers unparalleled anti-ageing results. One machine offers an exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies which, and exquisite high performance formulae, create dramatic & visible results after just 1 treatment.  

Tailored expert solutions dedicated to individual skin concerns, CINETIC™ treatments truly deliver the ultimate results in lifting, firming and protecting.




Created by the CARITA sisters in 1956, Rénovateur is the signature first step in all elite CARITA treatments used to cleanse and prepare the skin. Its secret: a unique texture based on a subtle blend of sunflower seeds and precious essential oils, to refine the skin, stimulate cell regeneration and reveal an incredibly soft radiant complexion.