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Eminence Facials at Portmarnock

Eco-Conscious and 100% Certified Organic

Yam and Pumpkin Peel: €85

This age defying collagen boosting peel uses gentle enzymes, natures Glycolic, Lactic
and Salicylic Acid to boost collagen and refine the skin. Wrinkle depth is reduced, and
fine lines are faded. Hyperpigmentation is lightened and lifted, while the texture and dry
skin is smooth and replenished. The skin is left firm with increased elasticity

Blueberry Detox Firming & Stimulating Multi Acid Peel: €85

This powerful potent skin heating multi acid is positively stimulating. The high level of
natural fruit acids blended with the herbal heat penetrate the skin to detoxify and bring
renewed oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Skin is infused with powerful potent skin and
pore tightening anti-oxidants. The tingling hot sensation of the active ingredients work to
renew scarring, plump deep lines and wrinkles, and even out mature sun damaged skin
types. Your skin will be completely transformed.

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Skin Peel: €95

Treat yourself to a premium anti-aging peel using luxury organic ingredients sourced
from the Arctic for the ultimate in skin renewal. Deep exfoliation combined with a
botanical peptide infusion will stimulate collagen production to leave you with an
instantly younger- looking appearance. This results-orientated peel layers three uniquely
formulated products that work in harmony to reveal new level of luminosity to your
skin, while targeting uneven skin tone, fine lines, blemished and dull lifeless looking

Mangosteen Gentle Resurfacing Peel: €100

With the Combination of LED treatment, the advanced facial treatment uses the power
of Lactic Acid Complex paired with antioxidant-rich “super fruit” Mangosteen to elevate
your complexions natural glow by resurfacing and refining skin tone without irritation or
down time. With the addition of our VitalSkin Exfoliation Peels, LED and stimulating
herbal heat this personalised peel will deep cleanse, minimise pores, rejuvenate, plump,
hydrate and treat the most sensitive of skin types.
Acne Advanced Treatment: €100
Treat your acne naturally with this botanical-rich facial peel, packed full of organic ingredients that specifically address acne conditions such as excess oil, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Potent timerelease encapsulated salicylic acid deeply penetrates pores to dissolve excess build-up, powerfully cleaning out blackheads and preventing future congestion. Our Acne Advanced Facial peel is a perfect first step to clearer skin.