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The Jameson Bar

Jameson whiskey is the world’s biggest selling Irish Whiskey and its origins go back to 1780, when an
enterprising Scotsman, John Jameson made Dublin his base and founded the distillery that was to bear
his name. In 1804 his son, also John, took over at Bow Street and laid the foundations for the
international success of the firm by modernising and expanding operations. He in turn was succeeded
by John Jameson III, the first of the family to live at Portmarnock.

By the 1880’s the Jameson Distillery extended over 5 acres in Dublin City century and employed over
200 men. Whiskey was exported from there all over the world. Irish whiskey at that time was the drink
of connoisseurs prepared to pay higher prices for quality products.

Today production has moved to a greenfield site in Midleton, Co. Cork but visitors to Dublin can still
call to the Jameson Distillery Bow Street for a tour or a tasting, on the site where it all began in 1780.